Starting as a Career Technical Education professional twenty-four years ago, Dr. Houston has been a CTE teacher, program manager, director and now proudly serves as superintendent. During this time, she has focused on serving students, staff, peers, and the community by building relationships and trust. CRY-ROP continues to gain momentum by engaging the entire community of educators, K-12 students, career seekers, business partners and parents. Serving three school districts with very unique demographics, cultures, and communities, CRY-ROP has developed a wide array of services to ensure students and families across the 220 square mile region are provided with expanded opportunities. Dr. Houston’s vision is to empower individuals to reach their potential, by capitalizing on strengths and growing from challenges, thus creating a broad range of choices. 


As the CRY-ROP superintendent, her goals are:

  • To provide visionary leadership and strategic planning to focus human and material resources towards the primary goal of outstanding quality career and technical education for students;

  • To maintain productive board and staff relations with open communication;

  • To be a highly visible educational leader; and

  • To continue to develop community partnerships in support of student success, a strong workforce pipeline, and vibrant economy.

In addition to a professional clear teaching credential and administrative services credential, she earned a Liberal Studies/ Bilingual-Cross Cultural bachelor’s degree from California State University San Bernardino, and a master’s degree in Educational Administration at the University of Redlands, and received a doctor of education degree in Transformational Leadership at Brandman University. 

About Me

Married 35 years & Mom to four sons


career technical   educator

gramma of 8

My Why and My Story

I have been a professional educator with the Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program (CRY-ROP) for 24 years; proudly serving as the Superintendent for the last 11 years. During this time, I have earned the respect of my peers, administrative team, staff and community as a visionary leader skilled in building relationships. Serving three school districts with very unique demographics, cultures, and communities, I have successfully demonstrated my interpersonal skills, inclusive leadership style, and diplomacy to ensure students and families across the 220 square mile region served by CRY-ROP have access to a wide array of services. Understanding that choosing a new board member is a huge task, I believe I am not only the best qualified and most well-rounded candidate, I am also the candidate who will offer a smooth transition for the administration, teachers and staff, which will ultimately serve our students better.  I have the credibility and confidence to lead the SBCCD to pursue the future and work that provides value and meaning.

  • I started my college journey at age 27 at Crafton Hills College

  • All of my four sons started their college at Crafton Hills College and/or San Bernardino Valley College

  • I have a deep commitment to the community as demonstrated over the past 30 years- I have been everything from the Little League President to a school district Superintendent

  • Current Commissioner, Council on Occupational Education

  • Current California Department of Education College/Career Work group member

  • Depth of experience in Federal workforce training programs, including WIA, WIOA, CalWORKs, WorkAbility I

  • Experienced Secondary Teacher

  • Experienced University Professor

  • San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board Youth Council member for 15 years

  • I have the knowledge, skills and energy to keep pace with the rapid changes in today’s educational environment

  • I am recognized as a leader in my district, our region, and our state

  • I have built relationships with higher education, business and in our community




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